Poem; Broken Bowl.

Something sad happened. My bowl broke. It was almost my age. A piece of my life is gone. I used it every morning. Cannot be repaired. It wasn’t an object of any value. It may have been worth nothing. But nobody can price sentimental value. It is often discarded Even though it is crucial. Only … Continue reading Poem; Broken Bowl.


Shhh… That is Stigma

A must read by Sue. Great article

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

With all the illnesses in the world to pick from I had to get mental illness. I had to get the only kind of illness that condemns you and destroys you for having it. If mental illness does not kill you on its own the stigma related to its name will eventually destroy you.

I am hurt and deeply saddened today for many reasons but one of them is because my own mother has been slowly killing me for twenty-five years because of stigma. My entire life my mother only loved me if I was good and perfect. There was no unconditional love and if she had it she did not know how to show it.

When I was diagnosed with mental illness twenty five years ago that was the day my mother’s daughter died. I was dead in her eyes. She never saw me the same again. I saw…

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Poem; Scent

Scents are like music They have the same faculty They can remind you of an event or somebody. We seldom mention scents. It is a shame as they occur regularly. They don’t have any less value than music, They can both be important triggers. Try to pay attention You’ll see!   Peace and serenity Lawrence … Continue reading Poem; Scent

Poem; Music.

Music is vital. Without it, Everything else becomes trivial. It is humanity’s saving grace, isn’t it? Could I live without it? Not at all, it would kill my spirit.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright © May 2018