Suicide : It gets better! You’re a Coward! & You Can Do It! o_O

I wanted to write something about suicide and that It was all about ending the pain and suffering and not giving up. But after having read your article. I decided to shut up.
It is raw, true, honest and courageous. Respect and peace

Undesirable, Like Me.

Rant warning!

29th Jan 2018


It has cooled down enough to try and get a few hours sleep in. It is still 31 degrees C (87F) in the house, but I can feel a chill in the air. Won’t last long. 😦

I read a post from some teenager about reasons not to commit suicide about an hour ago and I can’t just hold my tongue any longer.

Normally I would link the post in my own, this one I will not.

All of you out there that have struggled with depression, mental illness, addiction (or any number of other demons) for more than a decade will have heard these overused and useless phases.

Two of which are directed at us personally by well meaning friends, or family.
Probably heard them from some textbook counselor or psych that hasn’t had a bout of depression in their lives. Never struggled…

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