This Is For Us!

I agree. It is definitely for us! Must read.

Revenge of Eve

This is for the quiet type, the introverts and the mentally ill.

Those of us who challenge society’s “normal”.

Those of us who push boundaries and demand change.

Those of us who speak through our pain to let other’s know they are not alone.

This is for the lonely and different.

For the tyrants paving the way.

Standing up to stigmata and educating the ignorant.

This is for those who have been told they were too much …

Or not enough.

Those who live in agonizing pain daily, albeit mental or physical.

To those who can not bare to be among many because anxiety dictates your comfort.

Those on the front lines advocating for other’s.

The manic getting shit done,

…mood, personality disorderly, inflicted.

Those who have endured trauma at the hands of another.

The addicts and alcoholics.

I want to THANK YOU.



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