Poem; Demons

Demons live within us. They don’t come and go. The hide in our souls. They come back when we least expected. When we show some signs of wellbeing. When we start to smile too much. When It looks like we’re on the right path. That's when they come back. To destroy our positive state of … Continue reading Poem; Demons

Poem; Judged

You must be careful. When mentioning your illness. You need to trust whom you’ll tell. Otherwise, it’ll come back like a revolving door. How can I say it? Because I lived it more than once. It hurts. It hurts the most. With whom I thought were my closest friends. On the other side of the … Continue reading Poem; Judged

Poem; Mental mess.

Mental illness. Mental mess. Chronically ill. Where is the thrill? There is none. There isn’t any fun. Just misery. Brought me to me via anxiety. Which creates more havoc. What’ else can I do Doc? Before it’s too late. Before I dissipate.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright July 2018