Poem; Summer.

Summer is finally here I can hear it through the birds singing I can feel it by the brisk morning I can see it by looking at the sky I can smell it with the wildflowers Being woken up by birds songs Is a rare luxury. Summer doesn’t last long But the daylight last much … Continue reading Poem; Summer.


Poem; The Road Ahead

The road ahead looks so hairy I am wondering if it is likely To go through such rough road With all these heavy loads All the sufferings throughout the years They are difficult to bear They are deeply frozen, like our feelings And makes it hard to find our bearings Looking at this gloomy landscape … Continue reading Poem; The Road Ahead

Poem; Early in the morning.

  5 am, not a sound. Except me who is around. Everybody else is sleeping. Still dreaming in the early morning. It feels peaceful. And restful. In an hour or so. Everybody will be on the go. The feeling will be gone. Until tomorrow’s dawn.   Peace and serenity Lawrence © June 2018