Even there, we don’t matter.

How are we going to do it? I wanted to elaborate a bit deeper on the total absence of any mental health representation at the Walk The Talk event organized by the WHO last Sunday. Other handicaps were represented, mainly physical ones but not us. It has been on my mind since Sunday and left … Continue reading Even there, we don’t matter.

Walk The Talk, May 2018

We got up early and left ahead of time as we didn’t want to miss this event. It was a first for both us, and were pretty excited about it and didn’t know what to expect. It was a good thing that we left a bit earlier as we faced two long detours as other … Continue reading Walk The Talk, May 2018

True Facts and Figures About Bipolarity

“The important thing is to never stop questioning” Albert Einstein. I have read a countless number of articles, which triggered some questions as far as their veracity and accuracy. They are so many “facts”, opinions, statistics published out there by so many self-proclaimed experts on mental illness and bipolarity, that they’ve managed to generate massive … Continue reading True Facts and Figures About Bipolarity